Nutrition is a huge passion of mine. I received my degree in Nutrition from DIT 2 years ago and then went on to work in a pharmacy where I now run a nutrition clinic. I also received a diploma in Nutrition in 2014 and will be doing another course in sports nutrition this September. I will be doing nutrition course for the rest of my career as its something that is always changing and new research is coming out daily, so its vital to keep up to speed.

A huge reason as to why I started blogging was so I could professionally help you guys with any nutritional concerns you may have. I just cannot do this easily on Youtube. I hope my articles on Nutrition will be helpful. I may set up a nutrition facebook page for you all to follow so you can easily discuss food, health eating, share recipes and cooking tips (I suck at cooking so this might help me out too). Let me know what you think of this idea. 

I will try and get one Nutrition article out every week and you can request topics you would like me to discuss. 

Love you lots,


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