I love a good bargain when it comes to beauty products, I mean don't we all. Over the years of trying different brands I have found a select few hidden gems and all in or around the €10 mark. If you guys follow my Instagram or Youtube then you will see these items popping up from time to time. There are some new items on this list that I have literally only found and that's was inspired me to do this post.


Rimmel stay matte powder has been in my life for more years then I care to admit. I have tried so many different pressed powders over the years from MAC, to Estee Lauder to Elizabeth Arden and even more affordable brands, but the Rimmel one is a lifesaver. It keeps my oils at bay for up to 5 hours before I need to blot, it doesn't cake and come on, you can't beat that price tag. I am in the colour 005 sliky beige.

No. 2

I am tan obsessed!! In Ireland we rarely get long hot summer days and sunshine can be far and few between. So fake it till you make it, is my theory. I am a lover of self tanners but so many have disappointed me over the years. Cocoa brown 1 hour mousse never fails to amaze me, its has a pleasant odour as tans go, it has a colour guard so you can see exactly where you are applying the tan and it applies like a dream. If you haven't tried it I dare you not to like it. Even miss Kylie Jenner raves about this little gem.

No. 3

The Radiance balm all bright is a product I have been raving about on snapchat and from receiving your snaps back it seems you all love it too. Its from boots own Botanics range and is described as a balm that add luminosity to the skin. I wont talk too much about it today as I have a full blogpost ready to go on this. I use this to give my skin a little pick me up, I apply it to my face after I moisturise but before I apply foundation. This adds a beautiful glow to my skin and gives me a radiant appearance. I will be mentioning it more as to me this is one of my favourite products from this whole list and it needs a post all of its own.

No. 4 and No. 5

So yes I know I am cheating with this one but boots currently has an offer on all L'oreal Paris makeup at 2 for €18 so that is within my €10 price range. If you know me I couldn't mention makeup I love without mentioning these two. To say I am obsessed with L'oreal infallible foundation is an understatement. I use it 9 times out of 10 when I go to work, it lasts so long on my skin for an affordable foundation and its as cheap as chips. When boots has 3 for 2 or 2 for €18 on L'oreal products I stock up on this little goodie. 
As for the L'oreal Volume million lashes so couture I can not cope without having this in my collection. I feel like this is one of my holy grail mascaras and I love it to add volume to my lashes. As an overall brand L'oreal really is amazing and I cant fault any of the products I have tried from the brand over the years. 

No. 6

If you know me then you were expecting this product to make an appearance. I love this setting powder for under my eyes and to stop my concealer from creasing. All in all this product is just BOMB!! You honestly cant beat it, in Ireland ELF is soooo hard to get your hands on but iHerb sells it and thats where I have been buying my under eye setting powder. Not only does this set your concealer, it brightens under your eyes and makes you look more awake. I apply it with my real technique setting powder and I pat it under my eyes.


So this is another new love of mine. I got my first Milani blush only 3 months ago and I swear not one week has gone by that I haven't used it. I love the colours Luminoso and Dolce pink both can be gotten off Beauty Joint . Luminoso is very similar to NARS blush in orgasm but for a fraction of the price. The blushes give a glow to the skin all the blushes I have used have shimmer in them so be aware of that before you get them. I will do a full blog post on them if you so wish including swatches. Again this is a brand which unfortunately can't be purchased in Ireland but I am hoping Milani gets their act together and comes into Irish pharmacies.


This is a new addition to Pennys, they have finally started to do makeup the P.S  love range and in my opinion they have done an amazing job. This lippie is worth mentioning for so many reasons, it has amazing pigmentation, longevity and is very creamy on the lips despite being matte. Pennys offers tones of different lipstick colours and all that I have tried are amazing and of the same quality. I am just a nude lipstick girl and I can not put this nude lippie down. Its provides you with that 90's lip and for the price you cant compete.

No. 9

I wasn't sure if I should talk about this product as it only applies to my fellow blondies. However its too good not to mention. If you get your hair done in a salon or are naturally blonde then you know the struggle of yellow canary tones in your hair. Ain't nobody got time for that! The purpose of the Lee Stafford beach blondes is to combat those yellow tones and brighten up the hair in between colours. I have used over 20 different purple shampoos and they were all very average this toner blows my mind. I use it once a week and I leave it in for 30 seconds sometimes longer If I want the purple tinge of my hair. Its does not stain your hands or shower, and a little of this goes a long way. Its very potent so be careful. I only sometimes use the Lee Stafford conditioner I dont feel I need it a L'oreal conditioner does the job just fine.

No. 10

Finding highly pigmented shadows that don't brake the bank can be very tricky, but Inglot have achieved both. There single shadows are only €6 and you can make them into a palette designed by you. We all own a palette that contain 2 or 3 shadows that we never use, inglot freedom system allows you to pick what shadows go into your palette. Every shadow they offer is unique and you get so much product in a pan. I have over 30 Inglot shadows and I use them all the time. Inglots shadows are buttery, pigmented, so easy to blend and they offer hundreds of shadows to pick from.

I am always on the lookout for new beauty products so please let me know some of your affordable holy grail items,

Love Ash 

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