So this is the first ever entry in my blog and honestly I haven't a clue what I am doing. I asked you guys on my snapchat if you wanted to see a blog and you all said that it was a great idea. I want to make my blog an extension of me. I know how much you guys love my Nutrition videos and I love making them for you all but I find I have so much to talk about in those videos that I cant get it all across. My blog is a place where I will be talking more about nutrition, makeup, fashion and all other things beauty related. I have been on Youtube almost 2 years and its about time I got stuck into blogging. I want this blog to be a fun place where you can request topics for me to talk about, get more information on me and so on.

Youtube videos can take over an hour to film and between 4 - 12 hours to edit so it is a job in itself and one that I love. With blogging I hope to do it as often if not more than my youtube, oh and don't panic I will still be making and uploading to youtube as often as ever. Please excuse the appearance of my blog for the moment as its basically under construction haha! 

I want to thank Karen from Lovely girlie bits for pointing me in the right direction when It came to what platform to use, designs and loads of other bits. 

Anyway I hope you enjoy my blog and feel free to comment away. I am always open to change so If you see an area on this blog that needs changing or upgrading let me know. I am so new at this and it will take me some time to get used to it.

Aisling xoxox

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