They always say you should never look inside a girls handbag as you never know what you will find. In my case this is true I never know what I will find myself. I once found sea shells in my bag bare in mind I hadn't visited the beach in 6 months. Now in not going to bore you with the obvious womanly hygiene products. I mean we all carry them and everyone knows they are in my bag as they are always falling out when I go to pay for something!

My little adorable summer bag is a steal costing €10 from pennys earlier this summer. Its a shoulder bag which is perfect and come on who doesn't like pastel blue for this time of year.

So there you have it, yes all this was in my bag. I also had about 20 bobby pins an ikea pencil (which I clearly borrowed) and a pack of extra chewing gum, you never know what you could find. 

So of course in my bag I have my wallet. I love these little wallets this one I got in River Island in May. I dont like big bulky wallets as they just take over my small bag, this fits all my cards, notes and coins and cost me €7.

If you have long locks then you know the struggle of maintaining it. I always carry my tangle teezer which you can buy in Boots and as you can see mine has seen better times. Chewy (my little puppy) got hold of it a few weeks ago and though it was a chew toy. Thankfully it still does the job. I love this as the plastic teeth glide through my hair without snagging my hair or dragging.

Its the summer months so you never know when the sun will come out (however in Ireland these days can be rare) so I always carry some sunnies. These glasses were so cheap I got them online for €1.20 from Ali express. You would think that for the price they would be rubbish at blocking out the sun, but they are amazing. These are mirrored in blue/green and I will be picking up a few more pairs for that price. They are ideal for my holiday this year. 

I cant leave the house without my phone. Its the first thing I make sure is in my bag this is the iPhone 5 and iv had it for 3 years I couldn't part with it. Its the best phone iv ever had. The cover is from Pennys/Primark and was €2.50.

I love this perfume its Katy Perry royal revolution I had such a hard time trying to find this but its available on feel unique and I just love this scent. I bought it in Lloyds Pharmacy a month ago and it cost €10 for a 50ml. I love bringing a perfume with me in my bag so I can sprits myself throughout the day and iv been getting so many complements on this perfume. 

The MAC extended play gigablack lash mascara is my all time favourite high end mascara. I always have some form of makeup in my bag and I'v no idea why this was in my bag but for days I forget mascara (which happens more often then I care to admit :D ) I'm thankful. 

I have been on the Glam Glow band wagon for some time and I got a sample of this one to try out. This is the power mud, which is more of a deep cleaning mask compared to the super mud. I might do a review on this if you want to know more information. 

I love my brow products and these are in my bag from a morning I needed to do my brows in work. I use the NYX brow gel which I get on Beauty Joint and I apply that with my Nima angled brush and apply Benefit gimme brow in medium to put my brows in place. 

My Daniel Wellington watch is one of my favourite accessories. I had it in my bag as I was bringing it to fields jewellers so I could match the hardware to a new strap. Then I forgot all about that so the watch has being hanging out in my bag for about a week now :)

Obviously if you know me you were expecing a tone of lip products. I had 3 lipliner and 3 lipsticks in my bag. The lippies are L-R creme cup (clearly a favourite), velvet teddy and the nude matte lipstick from Pennys/Primark.

The final items of interest are my earrings. Both are from ebay the little ones can be found Here and the larger one are Here . Ebay is the best for cheap earrings and I love these. I always throw my earrings in my bag at the end of the day so I don't lose them. Honestly I'm surprised there isnt more earrings in my bag.

So there you have it, whats in my bag. I love doing these videos on youtube and thought it would be nice to share it in a blog post. What is the strangest thing you ever found in your bag?

Love you all,

Aisling xxx

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