You will defiantly recognise this product from my instagram and snapchat I posted about it so much when I first got it. I was wandering around boots skincare isle as you do, and I noticed the boots botanics radiance balm on offer for €4.  I liked the sound of it - "all bright" "radiance" it sounded right up my ally. To be honest I had no idea what it was for or how I was going to use it. Is it a moisturiser, highlighter, or just something to give life back into your skin, well I say its all of the above. 

I had heard after googling it that it was supposed to be a dupe for MAC strobe cream. Now I will say its not exactly the same as MAC strobe cream (being a love of mine for so long) but its soooo close and honestly does the exact same thing.

In the tube it looks like a pinky nude colour but once spread out its more of a pearl colour. I use this over my moisturiser and under my foundation and it spreads so well being a super creamy texture. This Balm just gives a lift to my skin and makes it look glowy, without turning me into an oil slick. 

If you feel like your skin needs a little lift then this is your man! It brings life back into a dull completion. Sometimes I apply this to my face and add a little concealer on no makeup days just so I dont look completely dead!

The pearly finish it gives to the skin makes you look like you are glowing. I wont say it prolongs the wear of my foundation but it does give me that youthful radiance to my skin. I recommend this balm for all skin types as the "pearly" finish is not overly obvious once your foundation is applied.

Get it while its on offer and let me know how much you love it ;) 

Ash xxxx

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