Believe it or not but bronzers are one of my all time favourite makeup products they bring life into my makeup look. Adding definition to my flat makeup look and creating contours on my face. There is a big difference between bronzers and contour powders and I use all these different products for different things. I just want to mention I have sallow skin at the moment Im wearing no fake tan and wearing MAC Nc35 so the following bronzers may not preform the same way they do on my skin. Juts a little helpful hit xox

1. Chanel soleil tan de Chanel

This is the only cream bronzer I have on the list and honestly when I first bought this bronzer I HATED IT. I found it made my makeup look caky and patchy, it was by the correction of a youtube video that made it clear I was using this bronzer wrong. How can you use a bronzer wrong I hear you say well I was applying it over my powder set foundation. This is why it was caking up on me and looking more like a five o'clock shadow then a defining contour. 
I apply it before I set my foundation and I dip my brush in lightly, applying it under my cheekbones and across my forehead. This is the most natural looking bronzer I own and it makes me look like I am sun kissed. The bronzer is €39 and is available from Brown Thomas I bought mine in Spain two years ago for a fraction of the price at a pharmacy sale. Iv used this bronzer to death and hardly made a dent a little goes a long way.

2. NYC sunny bronzer 

This bronzer costs less than €5 and iv had it in my collection for the longest time. Its is slightly more orange than the rest of the bronzers I'm going to talk about and I use it more to add colour to my face and not so much for contouring. This gives the most amazing sun kissed look. Its matte which is so rare for an affordable bronzer, I find they all have some sort of shimmer in them. Im not apposed to a shimmery bronzer but from an affordable brand having a matte bronzer is refreshing.

3. Hoola bronzer from Benefit

This is the first cool toned bronzer I ever got and just like with the Chanel bronzer this took a few tries to get it to look right on my skin tone. I use this solely for contouring my cheekbones and it works wonders. So a little of this goes a long way and thats why I struggled with it a little in the beginning. I would look muddy when I went over bored with hoola. Now I take the smallest amount on a Zoeva luxe cheek brush and this gives my makeup look life. Its all about the brush, amount of the product you take and patience blending this out which makes it one of my favourite contour powders.

4. Nars Laguna bronzer 

Not technically a contour powder, however I find it does an amazing job at sculpting out your face. It has the perfect amount of coolness in it that you can get away with it as a contour product. Its important to be aware this is not a matte powder, however the shimmer is so finely milled it doesn't transfer onto the skin. 
As you can see, Nars Laguna is much loved and adored this is actually my second one. Unlike hoola this is not hard to blend out and similarly a little goes a long way. I find I gravitate towards this a lot and when I use it I adore how my contour turn out. It might be my skin tone that works so well with this bronzer and is why I love it so much.
Available for €38 in Brown Thomas 

5. INGLOT sculpting contour powder #502

I honestly don't play favourites with my bronzers but if there was one it would be INGLOT sculpting contour powder in #502 which is the second shade in from the left. I have made a huge dent in this powder and have needed a refill of it since taking this picture. I love the way it looks on my skin, I love the way it preforms, I love the way it blends out, I love everything about it. I know it may seem strange to love a contour shade so much, but if you watch my videos regularly on youtube you will see this bad boy rear its head a lot. This palette was designed my myself each shad costing €10 each and the palette needs to be bought separately but you have it forever. I use this to contour my cheeks, add a contour to around my temples and across the top of my forehead. Its so beautiful and a dream to work with.

6. MAC mineralized skinfinish in give me sun

This is the newest bronzer I'm obsessing over and again this is not considered a contouring bronzer, however with my skin tone I think it looks great. This past summer I wore it every singly day and now party season is coming up I feel like this bronzer will be my best friend. Give me sun, gives such a subtle bronze to my skin but its so bendable. This is the only bronzer out of the bunch that I feel gives a natural glow to the skin nothing crazy don't sweat! It looks like it has an orange undertone in the picture but you can see from the swatch below it has an element of coolness. This is why I think it works so well on my skin!

L-R Chanel soleil tan de Chanel , NYC sunny bronzer, Hoola bronzer, NARS laguna, INGLOT 502 contour powder and MAC give me sun!

What is your favourite bronzer or contour powder. I am always on the look out for a new one and would love to hear your suggestions. 

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