One of my closest friends birthday is next month and we all decided to head away on a little trip to Grand Canaria. I have never been before and am told the weather is great this time of the year I really hope so as me and cold weather don't get on. I always go away in August so its strange for me heading away this early in the year.

I asked you guys on snapchat (@DramaticMAC) if you would like to see some clothing picks and these are the purchases I made last week. 

I got this dress on sale for €14 what a steal
You can buy it HERE 

The other dress I bought was very summery it looks orange in the picture its very neon in RL and I love it so much.

It can be bought HERE and its only €25 

This dress I got was a little ago and it might not be everyones cup of tea for holidays but I love it. I bought it in a size 8 and felt it didn't cling like I wanted but it does look lovely on.

You can buy it HERE for €42

I got this amazing two piece nude top and skirt and I think it will be lovely for a night out, it will really pop with a tan.

Top is HERE and cost €14
Skirt is HERE and cost €16

Finally I bought this white two piece this is one of my favourite clothing items I got both very affordable. This has not arrived yet but I will keep you posted.

The top is HERE and cost €16
The skirt is HERE and cost €14

Let me know what your favourite clothing Item is. 

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